Raveltik - Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Equipment

About Raveltik

Raveltik is the Czech production company with its own development facilities, which has been focused since 1998 on the development and production of mountaineering equipment and facilities for working in heights.

The main goal and strategy of the company is to produce modern and safe gear comparable with the world quality and offer consumers a wide range of equipment for winter and summer climbing.

Testing and development of products is realized besides permanent employees mainly by the team of professional climbers and mountaineers, which are the source of valuable experiences coming out of the practical use.

The most important aspects for the evaluation of products’ quality for RAVELTIK are the utility, safety, design and most of all, satisfied customer.

RAVELTIK co-operates with Czech Mountaineering Association

RAVELTIK supplies its ice axes and crampons

to Czech Mountain Rescue Team

RAVELTIK offers 3-year guarantee for all products

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Latest news

Incorporation of RAVELTIK and SINGING ROCK as the LANEX company division. 3.2.2016

The Czech joint-stock company LANEX a.s. made an acquisition of RAVELTIK company and LANEX is the owner of RAVELTIK now.

RAVELTIK offers 3-year guarantee for all products 8.1.2016

RaveltikRAVELTIK offers 3-year guarantee for all products. This guarantee is valid for the RAVELTIK products sold after 1st January 2010. Due to the top quality of the products we can extend the guaranty time to be longer than the usual 2 years. RAVELTIK TEAM